Rent And Own Your Dream Band Or Orchestral Instrument

Rent And Own Your Dream Band Or Orchestral Instrument

The Best Rent-To-Own Program In The Business

All Students Are Accepted.  We do not run credit reports.  All customers who fill out our rental application completely are accepted. We do not require large deposits or credit cards.  The required deposit is equal to or less than one month's rental and is applied to the purchase of your instrument if you rent until you own.

We Supply Only Name Brand Instruments.  Our rental fleet is made up of over 2,500 new and used instruments.  We stock only the highest quality band and orchestra instruments from respected manufacturers including Yamaha, Bach, Selmer, Conn, King, Cannonball, Vito, Pearl, Buffet, Holton, Gemeinhardt, Armstrong, LeBlanc, Blessing, Knilling, Meisel, Glaesel, Krutz, Maple Leaf, Englehardt, Este Guirra, Sherl & Roth, and more.  Absolute Music is Nevada's ONLY Yamaha Advantage Dealer! We have chosen these brands with both quality and affordability in mind.

We Offer Quick and Reliable Service.  Our repair department has a reputation for being the quickest in Northern Nevada; and if “quickest” isn't fast enough, we offer free loaners to our rental customers.  Our complete in-house repair facility is staffed by true professionals who are registered with the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians.

The Best Rent-to-Own Program in the Business.  Our program is an open-ended rent to own program.  Customers are not required to rent for any specific length of time, but if they rent long enough, they will own their instrument.  The equity that is built up on one instrument is transferable to another... so, a student can start with a trumpet and exchange for a baritone or euphonium without losing any of the equity that they have been building.  When the need arises to exchange or upgrade, the process is simple and the benefits are great!  And the best news is that if the instrument is paid for in full within twelve months, all the interest paid to that point is refunded!

Maintenance and Loss Coverage.  For a small monthly fee, Absolute Music will relieve the customer of all responsibility if their rented instrument is lost, stolen, or damaged.

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Low Price Guarantee.  Every season, Absolute Music examines rental/lease programs all over the country.  We adopt features that we feel will add value to our program, and eliminate those that don't.  If you find a lower priced instrument rental program with all the benefits of our program, we will beat our competitor's monthly rate and purchase price by 5%.

A Music Store You Can Trust.   Steve Gibson and the staff at Absolute Music have been serving school music programs in Northern Nevada for over twenty-five years.  Absolute Music is actively associated with the following organizations:  NAMM, The International Music Products Association.  The National Association for Music Education. The Music Teachers National Association.  The Nevada Music Educators Association.  The Nevada Music Teachers Association. The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Technicians.  And, Absolute Music is the only Nevada member of the National Association of School Music Dealers.

Locally Owned and Operated.  Absolute Music owns and maintains a huge rental fleet of musical instruments.  Most of our competitors do not actually own the instruments they rent and sell.   Their instruments are owned by large corporations located in other parts of the country.  Absolute Music boasts the largest inventory of band and orchestra instruments owned and serviced in Northern Nevada.

Choose From These Instruments And More:

Instrument In Store Starting At Online Starting At
Flutes$17.99/monthMore Info$21.99/monthRent Now
Clarinets$17.99/monthMore Info$21.99/monthRent Now
Alto Saxophones$34.99/monthMore Info$38.99/monthRent Now
Tenor Saxophones$44.99/monthMore Info$54.99/monthRent Now
Bari Saxophones$74.99/monthMore Info$74.99/monthMore Info
Oboes$29.99/monthMore Info$29.99/monthMore Info
Bassoons$54.99/monthMore Info$54.99/monthMore Info
Piccolos$24.99/monthMore Info$24.99/monthMore Info
Trumpets$17.99/monthMore Info$21.99/monthRent Now
Trombones$21.99/monthMore Info$24.99/monthRent Now
French Horns$39.99/monthMore Info$39.99/monthMore Info
Baritones and Euphoniums$34.99/monthMore Info$39.99/monthRent Now
Violins$17.99/monthMore Info$21.99/monthRent Now
Violas$19.99/monthMore Info$21.99/monthRent Now
Cellos$29.99/monthMore Info$34.99/monthRent Now
String Basses$74.99/monthMore Info$74.99/monthRent Now
Percussion Kits$14.99/monthMore Info$14.99/monthMore Info
Acoustic Guitars$17.99/monthMore Info$17.99/monthMore Info
Electric Bass Guitars$24.99/monthMore Info$24.99/monthMore Info

Prices listed are subject to availability. Prices vary based on New/Used condition of instruments. All instruments are fully serviced and guaranteed to be in excellent playing condition. Sales Tax and Optional Maintenance & Loss Coverage is not included in these prices.