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Absolute Music is home to Northern Nevada's largest and most competitive musical instrument rent-to-own program.  Our program is the perfect way to provide a musical instrument for your son or daughter, or even yourself.  These days, quality name-brand instruments retail for $1,000.00 or more.  When you find instruments for sale for $100 - $300... the chances are that you've found a deal that is literally too good to be true.  Avoid the heartache that you and your child is certain to have and avoid off-brand instruments.  At Absolute Music you will find only the highest quality instruments in our fleet of rental instruments.  With a choice of both new and used instruments, all professionally serviced in our on-site repair facility, you will find the perfect balance of price and quality.  We guarantee that you won't be disappointed, now or later, when you choose to rent from Absolute Music.

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Choose from: 

Flutes from $18.00 to $28.00

Clarinets from $18.00 to $28.00

Alto Saxophones $38.00 to $50.00

Tenor Saxophones $45.00 to $60.00

Trumpets from $18.00 to $28.00

Trombones from $20.00 to $32.00

French Horns starting at $45.00 

Oboes starting at $45.00 

Bassoons starting at $75.00 

Baritone horns / Euphoniums from $38.00 to $60.00

Tubas starting at $80.00

Piccolos starting at $28.00

Violins from $18.00 to $28.00

Violas from $20.00 to $32.00

Cellos from $30.00 to $48.00

String Basses starting at $65.00

Percussion Kits $15.00 to $25.00

Prices listed are per month and are subject to availability.  Please see a store associate for specific details and available choices.Rental Info Sheet 

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